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Tristar Group, a USA-based holding company encompassing various social impact corporate entities, is a global change agent bringing renewable energy and commodities trading to the world.  It's forefront entity, Tritente Global Energy Group, specializes in developing green energy projects and bridging the transfer of technology, specifically the generation of power from alternative sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal between companies and investors in the United States with government entities and private companies in Africa. Tristar Property Management specializes in managing and developing urban communities. TSG, TSPM amd TGEG, while simultaneously engaging, bridge technology and companies who envision creating self-sustaining communities, while producing thousands of jobs.


Tristar,Tritente Global Energy Group 

Companies at Glance


Tristar,Tritente global Energy Group are a Virginia renewable energy development company being recognized as an international leader in leveraging sovereign guarantees to de-risk deployment of renewable energy.


Goal: To provide light to significant portions of the 620 million Africans without power; where world leaders seek to provide 300,000 megawatts of renewable energy over 15 years.


Tritente is poised to become a leader in the The African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI), announced at the United Nations climate negotiations in Paris. With 620 million Africans not having electricity the goal is to achieve 10 gigawatts of new renewable by 2020 and mobilize the potential to generate 300 gigawatts by 2030. The World Bank and the largest companies in the world are pledging to make available financing to companies such as Tritente who can bring together bankable projects deployed by proven companies


Uniquely Qualified: Tristar is quietly shaping the energy revolution with its novel approach with sovereign guarantee-based financing programs to lower risk. Tristar combines real estate development skills, securities law background, international connections, African heritage, partner expertise with renewable power and passion to improve the quality of life to those lacking energy.


 $3.6Billion, 1,200MW Ethiopia Wind Project: Due to Tristar’s guidance this construction project will is so de-risked that Societe General will provide 100% debt and equity working capital financing at a single digit fixed rate. Most energy projects in the U.S. are securing financing considerably higher, let alone in Africa. Approximately 5,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs will be created building the turbines.


Ethiopia Facts Supporting the Project and Long Term Growth

  • The IMF ranks Ethiopia as among the five fastest growing economies in the world.

  • Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch rate Ethiopia as ‘Stable’.

  • Ethiopia is the 2nd most populous country in Africa.

  • Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan envisions becoming a regional renewable energy hub.

  • By 2037, Ethiopia aspires to have a total installed generation capacity of 37,000 MWs and become a major power exporter to East Africa countries seeking energy security.



Key Contracts: Tristar led the process by securing commitments from Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) for a turnkey contract, then recruited Détente as the credit-worthy firm with the track record to withstand international and EXIM Bank underwriting that enabled the financial commitment.


Six Countries Want Similar Deal: Tritente is being recruited to deploy energy projects in several African and Caribbean nations that could result in $5-8 billion of new contracts in 1-2 years


******Over the past several years, efforts have been made to persuade both national and international corporations to locate their businesses across Africa. However, one of the challenges that Africa faces are how can an African movement, especially with Africa’s emerging markets, not become an exploitation movement? The people with the highest rate of unemployment in Africa are in all actuality the fiber and history of this Continent. Thus, any plan that does not include them will result in the development of modern cities without a history or soul. As a result, the exploitation that took place centuries earlier with the slave trade will occur again, only this time, instead of it being people, it will be Africa’s natural resources.

The key to economic development is innovation, growth and self- sustainability for all of the residents of Africa. TSG believes that we are on track to meeting this laudable goal with creating white-collar jobs, educating and training employees along the way. We are implementing  a plan to address the third aspect of this economic development process, which is creating careers for the African residents who need them most.

Moreover, TSG recognizes that to uplift a community and fully ensure growth we will not only hire and maintain long term employment, but also will commit a significant portion of our profits to community and educational organizations, partnering with several local non-profit organizations to re-invigorate the hearts and souls of the people; re-instill the pride of honest work, craftsmanship and entrepreneurial efforts and to revitalize African city into a working class continent.


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