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Tritente Global Energy Group is an industry pioneer in providing sovereign, sub-sovereign, state-owned enterprise (“Sovereign Governments”) and Public-Private Partnerships (“P3s”) with the requisite expertise to EPFcm (i.e., engineer, procure, finance and construction manage) highly complex, Energy and Information Technology based national infrastructure projects (“AEI Projects”).  TGEG’s mission is unique--offering a fusion of classic Merchant Banking and EPCM (i.e., engineering, procurement, and construction management) advisory services to promote, and finance, infrastructure modernization for the purpose of expanding ‘social coverage’ and elevating the quality of service offered by Sovereign Government agencies, while advancing and protecting the Sovereign Governments’ national security interests. 


Specifically, TGEG's EPFcm advisory services encompass all aspects of what is commonly referred to within the industry as ‘the Program Office; wherein, TGEG serves as an independent non-advocate review (“INAR”) subject matter expert to, and is relied upon by, Sovereign Governments providing unbiased guidance and overarching project management supervision throughout each phase of a project’s life cycle, from initial planning, through procurement to final acceptance.



Tristar, Tritente Global Energy Group, and Detente Group Team Experience


EPCF Services and Description

TGEG, jointly with one of its team members "Détente", offers a fusion of classic Merchant Banking and EPC (i.e., engineering, procurement, and construction) advisory services to secure, and more importantly finance, national infrastructure modernization projects.   We refer to our unrivaled services offering as EPCF (i.e., engineering, procurement, construction, and financing) which infuses the modest financing needed to fund the substantial requisite financing needed to fund the ensuing infrastructure project.


Renewable Energy Sovereign Experience

Détente, jointly with Tgeg, has extensive global experience in energy, transportation, information technology, social, justice, e-government, and national security projects via direct government mandates.  Recently, the company has received contract awards from the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) to create an alternative energy fund with the sovereign governments of Brazil, Mexico, and the Democratic Republic of Congo under a combination of straight sovereign initiatives, sovereign combined with US Government aide initiatives and sovereign combined with Inter-Governmental Organizations (“IGOs”) aide initiatives, respectively.  The following provides a brief overview of the decades of EPCM financing experience our Partners to sovereign governments, Multinational corporations, and IGO sponsored projects:


Argentine Government, 1998-2002

Argentine Nuclear Energy Agency (“CNEA”), 1992-1996

Brazilian Government, 2008 and 2011-2012

Chilean Air Force, 1999-2000

Chilean Government, 2007-2008

Chinese Government, 1985-1992

City of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 1983

Colombian Government, 1991-1995 and 2007-2008

Dominican Republic Air Force, 2003

Ecuadorian Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1988-1995

Honduran Military, 1989-1993

Indian Ministry of Communications, 1995-1996

Mexican Government (Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes) , 2007-2013

Norwegian Government, 1999

Philippine Government, 1996-1997

Peruvian Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1990-1998

Russian Ministry of Communications, 1998-2001

Russian Federal Space Agency, 1998-2001

Spanish Government, 1999-2000

State of New York, USA, 1982

United Nation Security Council mission to Democratic Republic of Congo, 2004-2012

US agencies involved in ‘Legal Intercept,’ 1990-1998

Eighth US Army Korea, 1996-1998

US Army, Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training & Instrumentation, 2006-2009

US Army South, 1990-1998

US Defense Information System Agency (“DISA”), 1989-1998

US Department of Energy, 2001

US Department of Defense, 1990-1996

US Department of State, 2010

US NASA, 1989-1996 and 1998-2000

US NASA/CLCS, 2006-2008

US National Science Foundation (“NSF”), 1990-1996

US Navy, 1990-1994

US Postal Service, 1999-2001

International Finance Corporation (“IFC”), 2011-2013

World Bank/Rwanda Information Technology Authority, 2009-2010 



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