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   Who we are

  • Artilium-Africa is a U.S. Joint Venture between a Belgium telecom serving 20 million European customers and Tristar telcom and TGEG, which is launching $5.8 billion of infrastructure in Africa.

  • Artilium NV provides advanced mobile telecommunications software to network operators and enablers (managed services providers, systems integrators etc). Its core product is

  • its ARTA Mobile Applications Platform, which enables network operators to open networks to third party developers and launch new services, which feature elements from telecom and web environments.

  • Tritente is based in  Virginia

  • Artilium-Africa is based in Virginia

  • In just six months, Artilium-Africa has secured initial agreements in several Sub Sahara nations looking for the best solution to meet cloud, telecom needs and several Value Added Services (VAS)


What  makes Artilium-Africa so Special


  • Game changing approach to expand telecom and cloud services to tens of millions of Africans while lowering cost

  • Exclusive license to deploy the disruptive 15kwh micro data center.

  • At 5x5x5 (i.e. size of small refrigerator), the 700 terabyte system only requires 10-15 kwh

      (e.g. same power as a vacuum cleaner)

  • When scaled, this system only requires 20% of the power of standard data centers

  • Proprietary “all-in-one-App” tailored to Africa will turn competitors into customers and

      expand users

  • Think PayPal, WeChat, Vibre, WebMD Et Al rolled into one service

  • with “Hello Doctor”, “Hello Taxi”, “Artilium Chat”

  • remote/mobile bill paying tailored to specific African countries.

  • Artilium NV stands behind the capabilities of this App.









  •      Africa the largest, fastest growing data and telecom market in the world

  •      Artilium-Africa seeks to serve Twenty of the 54 Sub Sahara nations by 2020




  •        Now

  •        Mobile operators in Five countries have already lined up to engage Artilium-Africa’s services

  •        Artilium-Africa will launch the “All-in-One-App” in the summer


Why Africa


  •       Meet fast growing demand in the Largest untapped market in world

  •       Solve the problem of how to serve hundreds of millions of African

  •       Artilium-Africa has the secret weapon to leap frog Google and Facebook whose “efforts to control the access of African  internet users has sparked an infrastructure arms race between the internet giants"


"Google and Facebook do battle for Africa’s web"


How Can Artilium-Africa able to Leap Frog


1.   Superior software enables 80-90% cost savings and rapid connectivity

2.   Decentralized capability to deploy telecom, cloud and VAS inexpensively

3.   Credibility with multiple Sub Saharan countries enables contracts to be executed more quickly and in full compliance with stringent US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

4.   Partnerships to build capacity and Private Networks solution

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