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Tristar Global Trade and Investment Group.

TGTI is a subsidiary of TGEG, and a team of professionals operating in more than 50 countries (Africa, Europe & Asia) with a common goal to promote fair trade, investment Monetization on financial instruments and SKR


We understand the need of several businessmen in the world when it comes to optimizing business status. Our International Business Consulting services are focused on boosting the business value and status of our clients.


We have excellent strategic business ideas that suit our client’s business framework. As market feasibility studies are critical, when it comes to starting and sustaining a business, TGTI believes it is essential you get a Market feasibility study in order to evaluate and analyze the capacity of your business to expand and grow.

Our team conduct study, research, and investigation. The result of the market feasibility study is an important factor which is to any investor.


As a dedicated company that you can rely on in terms of getting Investment Services, we can help you choose the best investment options that suit your wants and needs. So, if you need Investment services, program management, and solution to raise capital for the project, never hesitate to contact us.


We guaranteed that we can help you when it comes to planning for your development investment option and plans.


TGTI is a leading company that you can rely on when it comes to getting International Sales and Purchase Representation.


The company offers excellent International Sales and Purchase Representation. Considering the high rate of internet scams, like due diligence, we also investigate the authenticity of business partners, representatives, and sellers.

Our Commitment to Technology Leadership

As a firm, we are committed to being industry leaders in leveraging technology to deliver effective, efficient service to our clients. We have implemented new technologies to drive efficiencies across our investment research, PMO, and trading platforms.

Contact Us

We would love the opportunity to become your trusted advisor.

Call us 703-259-9008

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