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   TGEG will invest on ZuberX-I Ride share service and vehicle ownership platform.

A platform that surpasses the old system of Owning and Renting vehicles, including Ride sharing.

A year ago, ZuberX I LLC was born out of a daily vexing experience with rental companies and seeing several American lacking finances to own vehicles as 1st or 2nd car for special purpose, including to do jobs such as “ride share”  and delivery services. What began as “shared ownership platform,” it has become something much more profound: A platform that surpasses the old system of owning, Regular, and commercial vehicles, which was difficult to achieve.


Tritente Global Energy Group (TGEG) is Planning to invest up to $10M dollars on safe power cloud base power storage and wireless transmission.

This Technology will initiate the death of current power transmission line with a new era of new cloud base power storage and transmission. —Currently Turnkey Product with up to 8 meters (30 feet) diameter charging area “Wireless” be on the market soon.

Drones can be fully charge in- flight in 8 minutes ( fly 40 minutes unloaded, and 20 minutes with a 15- pound payload, enabling continuous flight by charging Power in Cloud 20% to 30% of flight time.) This High - efficiency safe power cloud can charge multiple drones at once with safe non-ionizing X kHz magnetic field density, which is below W.H.O. limits. The technology will safely provide a wireless power charge to a future flying taxis, e.g., Uber Elevate and more ..... The project currently has FCC experimental license

(NewsUSA) - Affordable mobile telecommunications in Africa are expanding through a joint venture between two Virginia-based companies.

"Our 20-20-20 goal is to serve 20 million Africans in 20 countries by 2020," says Paul Delkaso, managing member of the Virginia-based Artilium-Africa, and president and CEO of Tristar and Tritente Global Energy Group.

"Africa's population across 54 countries is 1.2 billion. To be able to reach the maximum number of people most cost-effectively, our strategy is to partner with existing mobile operators to expand their customer base, while also looking for strategic opportunities," he says in a statement.

Artilium-Africa is a collaboration between an established Belgian telecommunications company and the Tritente Global Energy Group (, an organization launching $4.6 billion worth of renewable energy and transmission infrastructure in Africa. Artilium-Africa has initial arrangements in place with mobile operators in five African countries to provide cloud and telecom services.

Artilium provides software to network operators and service providers. One of the key benefits of the service is Artilium's signature product, the ARTA Mobile Applications Platform. The platform enables network operators to open networks to third party developers and launch new services with elements from both telecom and web environments. The service is designed to optimize the way customers in Africa use mobile technology, whether to pay bills, manage data, or connect with the world.

Artilium-Africa has the potential to leapfrog over mobile competitors Facebook and Google in pursuit of the African audience, according to a company statement. The Artilium software allows for 80 percent to 90 percent cost savings and fast connectivity, while the decentralized design allows for inexpensive deployment of cloud, telecom, and value-added services. In addition, the company's credibility with many Sub-Saharan countries has facilitated several contracts that comply with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. University partnerships also may help build the Artilium network capacity in Africa.

Artilium-Africa has an exclusive license for Africa to deploy its disruptive 700-terabyte, 15-kwh micro data center, which requires about as much power as a vacuum cleaner and takes up about as much space as a small refrigerator. The company is integrating this micro data center with its "All-in-One-App," with features that include bill paying, chatting, and connecting with services such as hallo doctors or hallo taxis. "Think PayPal, WeChat,Viber, WebMD et. al., rolled into one All in-one App and tailored to Africa," says Delkaso.

March 5, 2017: Emerald City: Transformation Technologies for Expanding Economies of the African Continent


Paul Delkaso, Managing Member, Artilium - Africa and CEO and President, Tristar and Tritente Global Energy Group

Theme 1: “Delivering wireless benefits to Africans in the quest for telecom, bill paying, and decentralized data services” 
Theme 2: "How does Artilium - Africa deliver advanced leading edge benefits to Africans through its next generation technologies”


Artillim Africa, Tritente Global Energy Group and Tristar Group CEO Paul Delkaso Discusses the Necessity of Merging Energy Expansion with Telecom Developments Across Africa! 


Paul Delkaso sat with Emerald Planet to discuss the company's current endeavors to not only bring more reliable energy to Africa, but also give its citizens access to quality telecom and value added services as a result of more dependable energy. Check out the interview!


Artilium to Expand in Africa in Partnership with Tritente Global Energy Group


Artilium Seeks to Expand its Footprint from 20 to 40 Countries in Five Years. See more on the exciting developments at the link below!


Tritente Global energy group sign a Consortium agreement with CHINA ENERGY ENGINEERING GROUP NORTHWEST POWER ENGINEERING CORPORATION LTD to develop Seven Transmission Lines identified as priority by Kenyan Government.


China Energy ; an international construction contractor who are well known in building large size Power plant transmission lines in the world, have agreed to develop and Construct 612Km and several substations with TGEG in KENYA. 


With expertise in engineering, procurement construction and also financing for power transmission lines and power plants, renewable energy and infrastructural projects, China Energy will play an important role in the consortium. 














Left  Paul Delkaso , President and CEO Tritente Global Energy Group and

Mr. Fu Hongwei , President of CEEC, NWPC INTERNATIONAL.


At the signing ceremony Mr. Fu said, "With the globalization of the power onstruction market, we always put our foremost priority to serving clients, pursuing clients satisfaction by presenting high-quality service. We always are willing to extend sincere cooperation with all partners form every corner of the society to seek for development, share success and create new achievements together. I believe the Tritente and NWPC relationship will grow as we grow."


Mr. Delkaso said, "I believe both NWPC AND TGEG goals are to add Megawatts and several transmission lines for those 620 million Africans not having electricity. As President and CEO of Tritente Global Energy Group, my goal is to achieve 5 gigawatts of new renewables by 2020 and mobilize the potential to generate 50 gigawatts by 2030 for all of Africa by partnering with companies such as NWBC.














Both Parties have agreed to undertake the below Projects under EPC-F. The Seven Transmission Lines were identified as priority projects by Kenyan Government and was signed to be developed by TGEG last year.


1) Gilgil-Thika–Nairobi double circuit line and-associated substations at Gilgil, Thika and NairobiEast. (205 km; 400kV)

2) Suswa-Ngong double circuit line (40 km; 220 kV)

3) Isinya-Nairobi East transmission line (75 km;400kV)

4) Sultan-Hamud-Loitoktok single circuit transmission line and 2 No. 15 mva substation in Loitoktok and Merueshi

5) Narok-Bomet double circuit transmission line (88 km; 132kV)

6) Myanga-Busia double circuit transmission linewith substations in Myanga and Busia (34 km; 132kV)

7) Kisumu-Kakamega-Musaga double circuit line with substation in Kakamega (72 km; 132kV)


Tritente Global Energy Group Meets with African Union Leadership Prior to President Obama's Address!


The Hon. Mr. Erastus Mwencha, Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission by the Heads of State and Government of the 54 Member States of the African Union met with the Tritente Global Energy Group team just before the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama's visit to the African Union. During the meeting Mr. Mwencha said;


"Africa is undergoing a sustained period of economic growth and transformation. Its population is growing rapidly, and its economies are developing and diversifying. In order to be sustained, this growth will need to be fuelled by a massive investment in energy. It is this report’s contention that Africa has the potential and the ability to utilize its renewable resources to fuel the majority of its future growth with renewable energy. Doing so would be economically competitive with other solutions, would unlock economies of scale, and would offer substantial benefits in terms of equitable development, local value creation, energy security, and environmental sustainability."


Such an unprecedented transformation will not happen all by itself. It can only be made possible by a concerted effort by policy makers to develop enabling frameworks to spur investment and facilitate market development through sound policies and regional cooperation. Mr. Mwencha Added; What and the vision tritente global energy group (TGEG) doing in sub-Saharan Africa must be supported and admirable.


Mr. Paul Delkaso, President and CEO of Tritente Global Energy Group indicated his company’s admiration of the African union ambitious vision of power in supporting African nation’s generation from diversified sources adopting primarily renewable energy sources resulting in zero carbon footprints must continue.



Mr. Orlan Johnson TGEG Team Member, The Hon. Mr. Erastus Mwencha, Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission and Mr. Paul Delkaso President and CEO Tristar and Tritent Global Energy Group (TGEG)

Mr. Delkaso Added, "Africa, which has long suffered from an unreliable and antiquated power source and grid, that leaves millions of residents without power indefinitely and which is highly inefficient and cash-intensive in most of the countries. With no substantial infrastructure investments in the past decades, the existing systems are in need of massive repairs, upgrades, and new installations.  Governments, in response, have undertaken several measures to counter these problems which are impeding their ability to grow their economies and enhance the quality of life, of the populations at large. Most of the African governments are currently committed to this effort by launching aggressive initiatives that include the construction and implementation of hydroelectric dams, utilization of geothermal sources of energy, and tapping into the green technology alternatives, mainly the construction of wind farms and solar panels for power generation of an immense amount of energy. These initiatives are vital for continued economic growth within the continent which has experienced a resurgence and vibrant economic development in the last ten years.  Infrastructure developments, especially in the energy sector are facilitating increased energy production, allowing the expansion of industry and economic prosperity for the people on the continent, while bringing stability to the countries. TGEG is aggressively working to be a part of the solution in overcoming the challenges of power generation, especially in Africa."


On the same day; The team met with Dr. Elham M. A. Ibrahim ; Commissioner infrastructure and Energy for African union to discuss these critical issues and TGEG's solutions. 

From L to R Dr. Elham M. A. Ibrahim ; Commissioner infrastructure and Energy for African union, Mr. Paul Delkaso President and CEO Tristar and Tritent Global Energy Group (TGEG) and Mr. Orlan Johnson TGEG Team Member


Tritente Global Energy Group LLC signs MOUs with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and Kenya Transmission Company Ltd. (KETRACO) to Construct Transmission lines and Substations in Kenya!


Tritente Global Energy Group LLC TGEG), a Virginia based company has signed memorandum of understandings (MOUs) with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and Kenya Transmission Company Ltd. (KETRACO) on August 4, 2015 for construction of various transmission lines and substations.  The MOUs were signed in Nairobi, Kenya at the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MOEP), a week after the successful visit by the President of the United States of America Barack Obama to Kenya.


During the signing ceremony Engineer Joseph Njoroge, Principal Secretary of MOEP indicated the need to fast track construction of the transmission lines and substations in order to meet the Government of Kenya’s ambitious power generation goals to accelerate the economic growth of the country as a whole. He also urged TGEG to deliver the financing and enter into the implementation phase of these projects in an expedited manner. Engineer Joel Kiilu, Managing Director of KETRACO after welcoming TGEG indicated that as the country is engaged on the generation target of 5000MW in the next three years, the need to build these transmission lines and substations is extremely pivotal and important. Furthermore, Engineer Kiilu also assured TGEG his company’s commitment to facilitate and help the implementation process of these projects in a timely manner.


Mr. Paul Delkaso, President and CEO of Tritente Global Energy Group indicated his company’s admiration of the Government of Kenya’s ambitious vision of power generation from diversified sources adopting primarily renewable energy sources resulting in zero carbon footprint. Mr. Delkaso continued to say , it is quite an ideal time for TGEG to enter in the Kenyan Energy market because Détente Group, the Pan-­‐African Partner of Tristar Group (sister company of TGEG) executed a contract on December 25, 2014 with the Government of Ethiopia for implementing US$3.5 billion Ethiopia Wind Energy Program for 1200MW wind power generation along with the requite power evacuation and transmission lines.


Mr. Delkaso also mentioned that TGEG is working diligently for these transmission line projects to be funded by US Ex-­‐Im Bank’s Loan Guarantee Program or GOV– GOV program of up to US$ 4 billion. Mr. Delkaso added the project will create 5000 new jobs in U.S manufacturing industries and several hundred jobs in Kenya."



Eng. Joseph Njoroge, Principal Secretary of Ministry of    Energy and Petroleum Kenya. Mr. Paul Delkaso,    President and CEO of Tritente  Global Energy Group.        

July 31, 2015  Tritente Global Energy Group and Tristar Uganda have signed a working contractual agreement with Sinohydro Bureau 4 and Sinohydro Bureau 11


Tritente Global Energy Group (TGEG) and Tristar Ugnada (TU) have signed working contractual agreements with Sinohydro Bureau 4 and Sinohydro Bureau 11, subsidiaries of Energy and Infrastructure Development giant Sinohydro to engage on development of 50 MW Solar Photovoltic power plant in Kajiado Kenya and for construction of roads in Uganda respectively.


TGEG and TU have carefully selected these two companies because of their extensive experience and capabilities in implementing multiple energy and road projects in Africa.


During the signing ceremonies Mr. Paul Delkaso, President and CEO of TGEG and TU has indicated TGEG’s and TU’s commitment and determination in establishing a strong synergy with Sinohydro bureau 4 and 11 which will in turn strengthen, collaborations and potential partnerships between US based companies and Chinese companies.


 Mr. Tian Hongjun as a country representative of Sinohydro bureau 4 affirmed his company’s interest to collaborate and engage with TGEG in the implementation of 50 MW solar photovoltaic plant in Kajiado Kenya beginning from a full feasibility study and environmental and social impact assessment all the way to construction and commissioning. He also indicated that the relationship has just begun and will flourish into further collaborations in numerous other projects in Africa.


(L to R) Mr. Paul Delkaso, President & CEO of TGEG ; Mr. Tian Hongjun, Country Representative of Sinohydro Bureau ; 


                                                                       A 500MW PV SOLAR PLANT IN DIFFERNT PHASES.

APRIL 29, 2015: Tritente Global Energy Group (TGEG) with his partners  a developer, owner and operator of power in Africa, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Giria Ranching company limited kenya (GRCL)  to develop a 500MW of renewable energy.Under the agreement, TGEG is developing up to 500MW PV solar plant for GRCL Kenya while the company is also in discussions with REA Kenya  for the construction and development of 100MW PV solar and constructing a 50 MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Station in Kajiado County.


Currently TGEG has started the Bankable Energy assessment, Solar Plant and Power Evacuations Pre-Feasibility studies, Vendor Options, Preliminary Site Layout, Preliminary Collector System Layout, Preliminary Transmission Layout, Preliminary Point of Interconnection Layout, Estimated Annual Energy Production, Load Flow Studies, Preliminary Financial Analysis,Environmental Social Impact Assessment (“ESIA”) Considerations and more to accomplish its GOAL.Once complete, the combined value of the projects will be $1.3billion and will have a combined output of 650MW. The projects are expected to be developed simultaneously, with construction expected to commence in 2017.The MOU also agrees a long-term lease for the land on which the PV solar project will be developed. TGEG  will be one of the first participants of the Feed-in-Tariff programme to reach this key milestone with the Government of Kenya.















                            Picture: (Left) Joseph Klngi Kahindi, Member of Giriama Ranching Company Limited, Kilifi, Republic of Kenya;

                                           (Right) Paul Delkaso, President and CEO of Tritente Global Energy Group



Mr. Paul Delkaso, President and CEO TGEG  said: "We are delighted to be part of Kenya's private sector ambitious programme to generate up to 650MW of clean energy.We believe that private sector investment and expertise can play a crucial role in creating additional energy capacity in the country.It is through exciting projects like these in Different counties in kenya that we will help to meet growing energy demand and benefit the people of Kenya."Mr. Delkaso added "The MoOs being signed today bring the total private sector investments up to 500MW, equivalent to $950million. This reflects our company and the consortium  commitment to be active partners in drive towards a sustainable energy future.



                                 TGEG to build 200 MW Solar Photovoltic Power station in Uganda. 


Tritente Global Energy Group SIGNED MOU ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH WITH THE KENYAN GOVERNMENT-- The two entities will develop 50MW solar power worth $150M USD for Kajiado County Kenya within a few months!

March 27, 2015 - The Vice President of the Republic Government of Uganda, His Excellency Hon. Edward K. Ssekandi and Tritente Global Energy Group President and CEO, Mr. Paul Delkaso discussed on  Expression of Interest (EOI) document and memorandum of understandings (MOUs)  on financing and development of 200 Solar Photovoltic Power station in Uganda. 































Tritente first requests to be ultimately retained, by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development for financing and implementing a 100MW Solar Photovoltic Power station through our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) model. 


A separate MOU for the potential 100 MW IPP Solar Photovoltic engagement was discussed.






(left to right) Paul Delkaso (President and CEO TRISTAR & TRITENTE Global Group);  Governor of Kajiado County Keyna;  Hon. Eng. Dickson County Executive Member; County Executive Member.

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