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Tristar Group


Tristar Group is a holding company, which plays an essential role in bridging the development and construction of major infrastructure projects, such as energy, specifically generation of power from alternative sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal with its US and foreign partners.  We currenty service Sub-Saharan Africa, which has long suffered from an unreliable and antiquated power source and grid, that leaves millions of residents without power indefinitely and which is highly inefficient and cash-intensive in most of the countries. Tristar also facilitates and executes large scale commodities trading within various product sectors.


With no substantial infrastructure investments in the past decades, the existing systems are in need of massive repairs, upgrades, and new installations.  Governments, in response, have undertaken several measures to counter these problems which are impeding their ability to grow their economies and enhance the quality of life, of the populations at large. Most of the Sub-Saharan African governments are currently committed to this effort by launching aggressive initiatives that include the construction and implementation of hydroelectric dams, utilization of geothermal sources of energy, and tapping into the green technology alternatives, mainly the construction of wind farms and solar panels for power generation of an immense amount of energy.


These initiatives are vital for continued economic growth within the continent which has experienced a resurgence and vibrant economic development in the last ten years.  Infrastructure developments, especially in the energy sector are facilitating increased energy production, allowing the expansion of industry and economic prosperity for the people on the continent, while bringing stability to the countries. Tristar is aggressively working to be apart of the solution in overcoming the challenges of power generation, especially in Africa, with a vision to expand to the other continents.


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