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The Tristar Group, which is an integrated commodity trading entity, diligently works to deliver several commodity lines from an array of accredited and affiliated suppliers from North and South America to governments and private entities in Africa and the Middle East. Tristar identifies and selects the best quality product suppliers of commodities worldwide with lowest prices. Tristar has specialized experts for handling shipping and logistics and control over the delivery of commodities to in-house and third-party customers. Traded Tristar commodities include sugar, wheat, oil, and flour. We deliver high quality products in a timely manner and follow high ethical professional standards in our engagement with customers and stakeholders.


Tristar is well established in the commodoties business. As re-suppliers, we are extremely thorough when it comes to the purchasing of product and expect to work with serious buyers that provide the needed documentation to maintain a fluid process. As a process, we expect to receive an LOI and Soft Probe from the buyer to begin a purchase transaction. When the LOI is approved we will then request BCL/ RWA. We have successfully executed supply contracts and spot deals.


Serious inquiries will be considered after submitall of your company name and direct contact information to

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