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Tristar energy (TSE) We Play essential role on bridging development and Strategic consulting in construction of major infrastructure projects such as energy specifically generation of power from alternative sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal with its foreign partner.


We bring professional expertise and a personal commitment to achieve your project goals. Your needs, values and aspirations drive everything we do. With insight into your challenges and a passion for finding solutions, we go to great lengths to realize your vision.




Restoration of an area ravaged by neglect, poverty, and crime. A new mixed-use, mixed-income community, often with social and economic self-sufficiency initiatives that provides opportunity for comprehensive change for residents.




A Public Private Venture (PPV) is a mutually beneficial partnership between a public agency and a private company. Typically, in the case of most  countries, land is leased to the Public Private Venture Partner for a defined period of time. Improvements on the leased land are transferred from the public entity to the Public Private Venture Limited Liability Company.


The future Public Private Venture Partner/Managing Member owns physical structures, operates, manages and maintains the improvements over the life of the project. Privatization has generally been defined as any process aimed at shifting functions and responsibilities, in whole or in part, from the government to the private sector.


 TSPM will bring professional expertise and a personal commitment to achieve A Public Private Venture (PPV) mutually beneficial while it is keeping  project goals.







Brazil Origin Sugar ICUMSA 45

We are the direct resellers of Brazil Origin Sugar ICUMSA 45, which is widely appreciated by the customers spread across the globe. The Brazil Origin Sugar ICUMSA 45 that we offer is processed hygienically and widely acknowledged for its superior quality. Consequently, we are identified as one of the prominent Brazil Origin Sugar ICUMSA 45 resellers.





We offer to the clients a huge assortment of Petro Products working with the world leading oil producing countries Petro Products we offer are high on demand for their unbeatable features such as supreme quality, light weight and long term durability. Clients can obtain the same in safe packaging and at leading market prices.







In today’s business environment, providing Development Management, Project Management and Investor Representation isn’t just about managing a process.  Clients choose TSPM to broaden their resources and extend their expertise...manage risk and make sound decisions....leverage knowledge of specific markets, and ensure the success of their investment.  At TSPM , we make it our business to understand your vision and what success means to you.

Development Management Services:

  • Site Selection

  • Acquisition Analysis

  • Financing Support

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Sales & Marketing Support

  • Disposition Analysis

  • Lease Analysis

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